Apulia and Salento


Puglia is a region of southern Italy that, by morphological characteristics, climate, culinary specialties, natural beauties, diversified offerings of affordable accommodation, is certainly a privileged destination for your holidays. Salento is a Puglia micro region, located at the south end.

The main places of Salento

Salento is a very beautiful and very characteristic area, with beaches and landscapes that have nothing to envy the Greek islands, and it is rich in traces dating back to ancient Greece, witnessing the passage of this glorious civilization in the past. Spending holidays in Salento can not fail to visit the main places. The capital, Lecce, is a beautiful city whose baroque prevalence of ancient villages has earned it the name of Florence in the South, but distinctly distinct from the Tuscan capital for the southern character of its culture and its people. Gallipoli is located at the far south and is a very welcoming and famous town for its nightlife, so it is ideal for young people's needs. However, there are numerous resorts overlooking the sea and plenty of villages, residences, hotels, as well as numerous agencies both in the area and online where you can book and rent a house for the holiday period. A very practical and advantageous solution for those who want to spend relaxing periods in this area. The holiday home is located in places like Salento its reason to be.

The Salento coasts

Renting a Salento holiday home can be a great choice, having the chance to go on discovering the Salento coasts and, perhaps, organize gastronomic routes, featuring typical Apulian dishes to be enjoyed in one of the numerous restaurants in the area. Or better, take some relaxing walks with the family and maybe go to one of the many fish markets to buy the freshest fish to cook and taste when you come home, perhaps accompanied by one of the typical local wines that make Apulia a of the most appreciated regions for wine-growing. Many resorts with breathtaking beaches and marvelous landscapes. Otranto and Martina Franca in particular combine natural and landscaped beauty for reasons of historical and architectural interest thanks to the numerous churches and basilicas in the area.

Rent a vacation home on the Salento coast

There are numerous tourist agencies where you can find great deals to rent a vacation home. It is advisable to move around for bookings in advance, as Salento is an area particularly appreciated by tourists and you may experience the rapid depletion of the most interesting opportunities. Also online you can book a house to rent to spend your holidays in Salento, a convenient opportunity to do a search and discover the best prices in the areas we choose to spend our holidays. Certainly a holiday in Salento is a must for everyone, especially for those who have not yet had the opportunity of this wonderful corner of Italy and enjoy the beauty.

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