Book in Italy? Where and why


If you want to visit the South of Italy, you can swim in a crystalline sea and at the same time stay between art and history, Salento can be the destination for you.
This place is able to convey the authenticity of the deeper values. His people transmit love for their land. Salento is a region rich in history. It is a land that was conquered by many different peoples due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea. Several cultures have formed that have given rise to the endless monumental heritage, as testified by the Roman amphitheater, the Basilica of Santa Croce, the metropolitan cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the dolmens and the menhirs, to name but a few.
And it's a beautiful Italian region! A land that after visiting it will remain in your heart forever and the desire to return is strong. Here are some reasons to book a Salento hotel:
Good traditional Italian cuisine: you can eat friseddhe (potato croquettes, aubergine parmigiana) and turcinieddhri (they are roulades based on lamb or goat entrails). And do not forget the pasticciotto - the most important dish - perhaps accompanied by a coffee with almond milk!
Unique views: the numerous white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea that then turn into rocky coasts and beautiful "calle". In addition you can choose the beach to visit based on the wind, a prerogative that only a few lands have available. An advantage that will allow you to enjoy the best sea every day.
Art and history everywhere. You can visit museums and archaeological sites. Its historical and artistic heritage is famous in the world for its Baroque style. But Italy is synonymous with history, just walk through the historical centers that are in all the cities
Popular traditions. Get involved with people and their warmth. Go and dance in the squares at traditional festivals called "sagre". During the summer the cities are colored by events and parties that are celebrated with stalls, fireworks. In the popular tradition we can distinguish the music and the dance of Pizzica and Taranta.
The singer Madonna often comes to this region and always posts photos in Instagram where during her stay she danced the Pizzica - a traditional dance and a visit to the Cathedral of Lecce. Even the actress Helen Mirren loves this land and when she can, she comes back.

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