Caves in Salento (Italy)


The coast of Salento as well as presenting expanses of white sand worthy of the most famous Caribbean beaches, also has authentic masterpieces of nature that enchant the many tourists.
The coastal stretch of Salento is characterized by large inlets and high rocky cliffs and here are hidden many "mysterious" caves, which can only be visited by sea.
Often those who decide to spend their holidays in Puglia make the mistake of visiting only the places advertised and more known by tourists, losing the opportunity to enjoy unique views. Fans of boat trips and diving should definitely visit the caves in Salento and watch live the play of light created by the particular shape of the rocks.

Grotta Zinzulusa - Castro
The Grotta Zinzulusa is located in Castro, a coastal town on the Adriatic side, and is one of the most sought-after attractions in the area, especially during the summer season.
The name derives from the popular dialect "zinzuli" which literally means rags but which, in this context, refers to the karstic formations, stalactites and other curious shapes created by the atmospheric action and the sea, which inside the cave created an atmosphere particular.
The cave can be visited both by sea, by private boats or organized excursions, or by foot, through a walkway that leads up to 160 m deep from the opening, about 35 meters high.
The fresh water springs mix with the particularly cold water of the sea and the color of the water in this stretch becomes a deep blue-green color.

Green Cave - Marina di Andrano
La Grotta Verde is located in Marina di Andrano, a village of about 5000 inhabitants, in the province of Lecce, always on the Adriatic coast of Salento.
A pristine landscape, an almost unknown rocky profile that in some places falls overhanging the sea, but at other points allows access to the sea, thanks to small and low rocks.
Once in the water, swimming for a few meters you will immediately see the Green Cave, which owes its name to the spectacle that is created when the sun's rays infiltrating the walls are reflected on the cobalt-green water, projecting a green light on the inner walls of the cave: a unique scene of its kind.
The sea is crystal clear, clean and clear, repeatedly awarded with the Blue Flag award.

Cave de Cervi - Porto Badisco
Porto Badisco is a seaside resort located in the territory of Otranto and here is the Grotta dei Cervi, a treasure of inestimable natural and historical value.
It is also known as the Cave of Aeneas, as legend has it that the landing of Aeneas fleeing from Troy took place on these shores.
But the peculiarity of the cave resides in the presence of graffiti and pictograms that represent hunting, dance and other geometric figures. The name Grotta dei Cervi derives from a representation of deer hunting scenes.
The cave can be admired only by sea and from the outside; it is not possible to access the inside and preserve these unique designs, on which there are still many questions that have not been answered.

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