Discover enchanting places in Salento


Salento ... an inexhaustible source of enchanting places, all to be discovered!

From the white and clear beaches to the clear and crystal clear sea, from art to history, from caves to ancient towers, in short, there is only the embarrassment of choice for tourists. Let's see below what are the most hidden and hidden places in Salento.

The Cave of Poetry

In Roca, exactly between San Foca and the Bear Tower, there is a very ancient and beautiful cave, a true natural pool called so because it tells of a princess who usually bathed in these waters, whose extraordinary beauty inspired many poets. As soon as the voice spread it began to come virtually from around the world to admire it and to make its own muse. Another version tells us that the name comes from the fact that the cave was once a freshwater reservoir that in Greek is said to be "posia". The place is truly enchanting and every year attracts hundreds of tourists who are staying nearby or are about to dive into the Cave of Poetry. Definitely one of the lovely places to discover in Salento. Tower of the Bear also won the blue flag for the cleanest sea and for the unspoiled beaches.

Beaches of San Cataldo

It was once the outlet of Port Adriano of Lecce, today the whole area is one of the most crowded tourist destinations in Salento. With its shallow backdrops, picturesque beaches and small vegetation spots scattered here and there, San Cataldo gives the thrill of "admiring" a submerged church, thanks to the remains of the ancient harbor and the wide rock pillars that for many meters they thrive in the sea. Also the water is clear and clean, the sand is fine and white, the pines alternate with the eucalyptus in a dense forest. The seabed is rich in marine fauna, but not only, in fact, diving enthusiasts go along this stretch of coast to see the ancient finds and submerged ruins. Tourists love to discover such lovely places as in Salento.

Wildlife Port

It is said that Porto Selvaggio is the most beautiful oasis among the many enchanting places to discover in Salento. The visual impact is immense, the splendid sea that gives a calm and total peace of mind; although it is a summer destination, it is advisable to visit Porto Selvaggio also at other times, just to avoid excessive confusion. A protected natural area with 1,000 hectares of land in the Park, between Porto Cesareo and Gallipoli; Famous is also the Captain's Swamp, with its karst phenomena and characteristic vegetation. The Horse Cave and Corvine Grotto, spectacular in size and rich in marine fauna, are rich in botanical and animal species.

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