Discover the white beaches of Salento


Dream beaches, crystal clear waters and uncontaminated landscapes. This scenario is not exclusive to exotic destinations such as the Caribbean and the Maldives. Natural paradises are far more convenient than you think, and Puglia, especially Salento, offers a wide variety of landscapes of this type at much cheaper prices.

It's where the wind takes you

A famous slogan also found on t-shirts sold locally is "Salento, the sun the sea and lu ientu", which in Puglia means obviously wind. The wind is a very expensive element for the Salento. Just arrive in Puglia and ask a local resident to know that to choose the ideal seaside resort day by day, just know that the wind is blowing.

If the wind is blowing in the south, that is, the wind, the Salentoes advise to opt for the Adriatic coast, while with the west wind it is better to head to the shores of the Santa Maria di Leuca area to the south. If the tramontana blows, then it's best to go to the Ionian coast, where you can find crystal-clear sea as a table.

The best way to visit Salento is by car or motorbike because public connections are not very organized and because the most beautiful beaches are less connected to urban centers.

The shores of the Adriatic coast

Wind in the west, we go to the Adriatic coast, choosing perhaps as the first goal of Torre dell'Orso, in the Marina di Melendugno area. Here you can find a magnificent sandy beach protected by a dense pine forest and in front of it, a few meters from the shore, there are two twin carvings known as "the two sisters". The legend linked to this magical place tells of two women who, enraged by the beauty of these waters, threw themselves away and the gods, who had compassion on them, turned them into two rocks, to make them stay forever in that enchanted place.

Not far away is the Bay of the Turks, another suggestive destination of the Adriatic coast of Salento. A landing place for the Turks during the invasion of Otranto in the 15th century, this resort is characterized by a white beach language surrounded by lush vegetation.

The beaches on the Ionian

The discovery of the beaches of the Ionian coast is recommended when wind blows in the sunset. If you are looking for the typical white beaches, this is the right place. The area of ​​Marina di Pesculose, when there is the tramontana, turns into a real Caribbean dream. This area is known for its white beaches and crystal clear sea, such as the Maldives of Salento. In fact, the name comes from a seaside resort opened in these beaches in 2000, which still has a large influx of Italian and foreign tourists.

Fine and shallow, transparent, low-bottomed sand, suitable for the whole family, are also found in another famous resort on the Ionian coast of Salento, Torre San Giovanni. Sea from varieties of turquoise varieties, white sand and uncontaminated nature. It looks like a dream, but it is reality. Torre San Giovanni, for its rich natural heritage, is part of the Regional Nature Park and the marine reserve of the Ugento coast. A protected oasis, easily accessible and all to be discovered.

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