Discovered under the Wall of Bari an ancient necropolis


An ancient necropolis 

Experts are excited about finding that could change the pages of Bari's history books. An ancient necropolis It was found by chance, thanks to works to set up the sewer system of the historic center of Bari. It is in fact reemerated from the earth, after centuries, an ancient cemetery area dating to the Middle Ages. So the yard that was setting up the sewerage system and the water pipes of the capital of Puglia has now become an area of ​​great archaeological and anthropological interest, superintendent experts are now seeking out among the 15 skeletons that have been found in the necropolis some finds that can reveal the kind of life of a time, and secrets and mysteries of the Bari of the Middle Ages, revealing the customs and traditions of that time.

Experts at work 

The work of experts now continues fast to minimize the disruption to the circulation of the inhabitants of the center, but still has the will not to miss any clue it is important to add a few more clues to the history of the ancient city of Bari. Here we know that the relics of St. Nicholas rest. It seems that from the first checks carried out by experts the remains of the bodies found should date up to the late Middle Ages, around the 7th and 10th centuries. The remains were found at the foot of the ancient Wall of Bari, the Aragonese wall that was built in the Middle Ages, a small military force of the time to protect roads and lanes, churches, monuments and characters of old Bari, an ancient work still visible today that embraces the ancient hamlet of restaurants, typical locales and ancient palaces as testimonies of ancient Apulian architecture. 

The ancient Wall of Bari 

If we follow the path of the old wall we find the unusual corners in the basilica of St. Nicholas, the columns of Piazza di Santa Maria del Buonconsiglio, the complex of Santa Scolastica, the new harbor, to discover the most beautiful corners of old Bari. The wall of the ancient wall today has also become guardian of precious archaeological finds. Now, the expectations of the Superintendence of the Citarial Goods of Bari aim at the lower layers under the necropolis, hoping to find further finds of previous epochs, and this is not excluded even by the archaeologists who control the works.

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