Scary fire in Salento, destroyed a thousand olive trees


Once again, Puglia is at the heart of the fire report. The beautiful season has just started and already counts the damage.Fire Alarm: Civil Protection CallsAs of last year, Civil Protection is engaged in ongoing information campaigns for the prevention of forest fires that every summer affect the Puglia region. The task of coordinating and managing emergencies is carried out jointly with the State Forestry Corps, the National Fire Brigade Body and the Regional Agency for Irrigation and Forestry Activities. To this large group join all the volunteer associations, engaged together with the various agencies in the prevention and circumcision of the numerous fires that, despite the strong collective commitment, each year affect the region and Salento in particular, causing numerous damages .Galatina: a thousand olive trees in smokeLast May, a scary fire flamed on the hills along the road linking Galatina to Collemeto. In this area there were about a thousand olive trees, some of them age-old, which have been irretrievably destroyed during the night. Fire may appear to have been stubbornly ignited. The strong wind in the area would allow the flames to spread, to the extent of the surrounding vegetation. The incident is still investigating the agents of the Galatina commissariat, who took part in the scene after the firefighters were able to extinguish the flames. A long and difficult job, made even more complex by weather conditions, which lasted a few hours.How to prevent forest firesThe fire that affected Galatina in Salento last May is not an isolated case. A few days before, another fire had destroyed a cultivation of about 40 olive trees in Parabita, always in the province of Lecce. Even in this case it seems that the main responsible were the burnt steppe left on and the strong wind. The various appeals launched by competent organizations to avoid igniting fires in the presence of wind and the call for constant control of the flames often seem to be unheard of. Incurrence and inattention are often the main responsible for damages that go beyond the lack of profitability of the destroyed plants and the subsequent cost of replanting, affecting a natural heritage of inestimable value, such as the centuries-old olive trees destroyed in the frightful fire in Salento sprouted last May .

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