Terry wins vogue with a collection dedicated to Salento


Terry wins vogue with a collection dedicated to Salento

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A very famous brand in Salento, Sucrette, was chosen by the famous Yamamay beachwear brand for a collaboration. The owner of the Salento brand is Terry Calogiuri and, with his inventiveness and skill, also came to Vogue.

A talented salentine works for Yamamay

Terry Calogiuri, this is his name, comes from Salento and his passion for fashion is bringing him to the top. The designer Terry conquers Vogue with a beach collection inspired by Salento, that is, her beloved birthplace. This collection so much talked about brings the name of Luxury Summer Collection and has recently become part of the Yamamay Italian brand. There is no harm to a young designer who, as he tells Vogue, began his work by drawing costumes for theater and dance. The place where Terry lives, full of colors, flavors, and occasions of encounter and leisure, has inspired her by taking her hand to the world of beachwear.

The secret of Terry Calogiuri's success

Terry tells that she does not inspire the forms of woman at the time she draws, but rather thinks of the occasions when women in the world can wear their creations. In fact, we often find that we do not know what to wear when, after a day at the sea, the aperitif time comes. We know women we would like to be always well presented and top but after a day at the sea it is not always so because we are looking for comfort and convenience preferring them to elegance. Terry has found the solution to the problem: her collection features simple but glamorous garments that can be good for both day and evening. Caps made strictly by hand, fabrics of great quality and inventiveness. Uniqueness and originality characterize the creations of this young designer: these are the reasons why Terry conquers Vogue with a beach-inspired Salento collection that is really very sought-after and cared for in the smallest details.

As Terry Calogiuri has won Yamamay

Terry conquers Vogue with a beach collection inspired by Salento .. but how did he come here? Everything happened by chance: Yamamy's owner Gianluigi Cimmino was in Lecce and, entering Terry's shop, was struck by his creations by immediately asking for a co-operation for a capsule. Terry would have to make six headlines for the new work assigned to him: he gave ten responses, including choosing his new employer. The result was that no leader was excluded from the collection but all ten creations were integrated, to give rise to a collaboration that can only last long.

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