Bear tower


Bear Tower

People who are originally from Lecce often boast a fine sandy beach. For the young, there are a lot of events and entertainment in this city. These are very touristic sites with many hotel residence in Salento and house to rent and therefore automatically very busy, but for those older you can find quieter evenings, more wise.

In fact, the city and province of Lecce is not known to be a city but much more widely than being a very aristocratic city. Much different is Gallipoli and Otranto who are always very lively.

Bear's Tower is a beautiful area, and in summer is full of joy and joy. It has very few inhabitants during the winter. This village is located directly on the sea which makes it very characteristic, wit hotel residence salento near the sea. Here you eat the fish that can be found in the early hours of the morning. For more holidaymakers coming back from the disco, they sell custom croissants filled with nutella. Finally, just a small tasting of this beautiful city and for those who want to spend their holidays in the Salento you must point out that Torre dell'Orso is one of the most beautiful areas to visit in Marina di Melendugno, province of Lecce.

In fact, its beach offers a fine sand of silver, and a particularly blue and clear sea given by the currents of the Otranto Canal.

Thanks to these summer features this location is frequented by many tourists for its  facilities and hotel residence Salento and structures for tourists, and it has been awarded with the Blue Flag of Europe and the 5 Legambiente sails.

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